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What is Brandex?

Brandex is an online complaint platform, where complaints from consumers are easily, simply and free of charge transmitted to the appropriate companies by mail and post, with the main goal of solving the problem.

Brandex offers a holistic solution to solve complaints, increasing customer satisfaction and creating a positive customer experience.

How Brandex helps companies gain insights.

Brandex enables companies to identify both their successes and failures in complaint management, using collected data to determine correct strategies for the future.
Real customer complaints, about products or services, are essential learning resources and allow companies to evolve and eliminate mistakes.

Brandex offers brands the opportunity to recover existing customers who have complained about their products or services and to win them as loyal customers.

Complaints resolved on Brandex build trust with existing and potential customers because the complaint process is recorded and visible.
Brandex enables companies to gain an overall picture of consumer attitudes, behaviors and expectations and thus develop products or services in the required direction.